Site Excavation Endangers Neighbouring Houses

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Work on a Templestowe construction site came to an abrupt halt recently after heavy rainfall caused a site excavation to become unstable.

In places the Mandella Street site had a four metre vertical excavation directly along the boundary with adjoining properties. Waterlogging following the recent rainfall caused a neighbouring driveway to become undermined and fencing and trees along the boundary started to collapse into the site. 

Following a tip off the VBA, the Municipal Council and WorkSafe attended the site. The Municipal Building Surveyor issued an Emergency Order requiring parts of the excavation to be backfilled to make the area safe.

The VBA and the Municipal Council continue to work together through undertaking inspections and engaging with practitioners to ensure that the safety concerns at the site are being adequately addressed. The relevant building surveyor is also engaging with adjoining property owners to determine if protection works are required for any future work at the site.

The VBA is considering possible action into the conduct of the builder.

In the wake of the Mount Waverley excavation collapse in July 2015 the VBA remains concerned about the dangers associated with site excavations which are highlighted in a recent video released by the VBA. The VBA reminds consumers and practitioners of the importance of ensuring that excavation works are managed by building practitioners registered in an appropriate category.

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