Terminating the appointment of a building surveyor for multiple sites

Thursday, 3 November 2016

All building permits must be managed by a registered building surveyor. If a surveyor wants to leave the industry before the project they are managing is completed, they must follow new procedures.

The VBA must now give consent to the termination of the registered surveyor's, appointment. If the VBA does not grant consent, the surveyor in question will remain responsible for that work.

Building surveyors and their organisations should plan the exit of a building surveyor in advance by; writing to the VBA to advise of a building surveyor's intended exit and the date of that exit, details of the request to leave and a request the VBA terminate all open appointments. These include open building permits and notifications to a municipal council ahead of the issuing of a building permit.

For more information, please see the terminating the appointment of a private building surveyor page on VBA website.

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