Wall collapse in Highbury Road, Mount Waverley

Friday, 30 December 2016

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is aware of the collapse of a brick garage wall in Highbury Road, Mount Waverley. The garage wall adjoins a building site where an excavation partially collapsed in July 2015.

The VBA has liaised with the City of Monash, whose representatives attended the site. The City of Monash has the relevant authority to address the situation and issued an emergency order to make the building safe on 29 December. As required by the Building Act the order was issued to the land owner. The emergency order was cancelled on 30 December following an inspection by an engineer who determined the remainder of the building was safe.

With respect to the events of the partially collapsed excavation in Highbury Road, Mount Waverley a builder, a building surveyor and two engineers have been referred by the VBA to disciplinary inquiry by the Building Practitioners Board.

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