Booking gas meter fixes on properties

Friday, 17 February 2017

The VBA has become aware of plumbing practitioners lodging compliance certificates relating to gasfitting work prior to obtaining a gas meter fix.

Plumbing practitioners are required by legislation to lodge compliance certificates only after all their plumbing work has been completed at a property. This includes the testing and commissioning of gas appliances.

Gas companies are required by law to ensure that they supply gas to safe installations. The requirements include checking that gas meter bookings are:

  • associated to compliance certificates that are unlodged but allocated to the property, and;
  • owned by practitioners appropriately licensed in gasfitting.

Where the gas company finds that the compliance certificate has been lodged during the gas meter booking process, they will refuse to provide the meter.

A lodged compliance certificate cannot be un-lodged for the purposes of booking a gas meter fix. Plumbing practitioners will be required to lodge a new compliance certificate in these instances.

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