Don’t let your building registration expire. Know when you must renew

Monday, 10 July 2017

Building practitioners may be putting their registration at risk by failing to submit their registration renewal form on time, says VBA director of Licensing and Registration Jeff Gilmore.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has contacted building practitioners over the last few months to explain when and how they must renew their registration. "The VBA has not received the expected amount of renewal applications for registrations that are due to expire in July," says Mr Gilmore. "This means that there are a number of practitioners out there who are at risk of their registration expiring."

Submitting your renewal application on time – What you need to know

Practitioners are required to lodge their five-year registration renewal application form with the VBA at least three months before their registration is due to expire. The application due date varies from practitioner to practitioner and is clearly stated on correspondence sent out by the VBA.

Practitioners who submit their registration renewal application form less than three months before their registration is due to expire may not have their application processed before their registration expiry date.

What happens if your renewal application is not received before your registration expires?

If your renewal is not received before your registration expiry date, your registration will become expired. This means that you:

  • will NOT be a registered building practitioner in your expired category, and
  • cannot lawfully carry out work that can only be performed by a registered building practitioner.

The law does not allow the VBA to just reinstate you. You will have to go through the whole registration process from the beginning.

If you wish to continue to practise as a registered building practitioner after your registration has expired, you will be required to complete a new registration application form and your knowledge and experience will be re-assessed.

Don't risk it. Be sure you understand the requirements surrounding Five Year Registration Renewal. Further information can be found in the Five Year Registration Renewal Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions.

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