Inspect your new home before you buy

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Spring is traditionally the busiest time for house auctions and this year promises to be no exception, with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria expecting spring 2017 to be "one of the strongest on record".

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is encouraging prospective homebuyers to do their homework before making a bid.

This means that, in addition to arranging finance and closely reviewing the contract and related purchase documents, people should organise a pre-purchase inspection by a registered building practitioner who offers the service. Doing so will help in making an informed decision on what is invariably one of life's largest financial commitments.

Homebuyers can find an appropriately registered building practitioner via the 'Find a Practitioner' link on the VBA website. Further information about pre-purchase inspections can be found on the Victorian Government building tool

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