Rangeview Estate

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The VBA cannot comment directly on the issues raised by the Rangeview Estate residents in their class action suit filed against the VBA in the Supreme Court last week, as these issues will now be determined by the court.

As the regulator administering the Building Act and associated regulations in Victoria, the VBA has responsibility for the registration and where appropriate, the investigation and discipline of building practitioners, or prosecution of those who have breached the Act.

The municipal councils, building surveyors and the VBA all have duties to discharge within Victoria's regulatory framework, and the VBA maintains that in this matter we have carried out our statutory responsibilities. This included investigating the conduct of the builder, which subsequently led to the cancellation of his registration in 2016. The VBA also issued a direction to the relevant building surveyor to carry out his functions in accordance with the Building Act and, when this failed, initiated an investigation into his failure to comply with the direction.  The matter is currently before the VBA's Practitioner Disciplinary Unit.

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