SME Network for Architects and Building Designers

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The ABCB is working on a number of projects that focus on engendering a performance-based mindset across Australia's architectural and design sectors.

The next key initiative is the establishment of a Performance Solutions Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network — the SME Network is set to become a valuable resource for Australia's architectural and building design sectors, providing a new engagement channel for practitioners to raise questions, seek guidance and share information on Performance Solutions.

The purpose of the SME network is to provide advice and support to Australia's architectural and building design sectors on best practice application of Performance Solutions and highlight opportunities for skills and capability development around the application of performance based design.

Individuals that form the SME Network will have specialised knowledge in energy efficiency, fire safety, plumbing, health and amenity, structural safety and disability access.

The ABCB would like your assistance, if you are passionate about Performance Solutions contact the ABCB or submit an application for the SME network.

Information on the application process is available on the ABCB website or you can contact Erin Flynn on 07 3854 1455 or at

You can also follow the ABCB's Increasing Performance Solutions Showcase Page on LinkedIn for ongoing updates on the SME Network and other information on Performance Solutions.

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