The importance of regularly maintaining your balcony

Monday, 18 December 2017

The collapse of a balcony in Doncaster East on the weekend is a tragic reminder of the importance of regularly maintaining your balcony or deck.

With more people entertaining outdoors over the holiday period, it is important that balconies and decks are inspected for deterioration (particularly in coastal areas, where salt and rain can be damaging) and, where applicable, to ensure such structures are properly fixed to buildings.

Some things that homeowners and tenants should look out for, include:

  • Puddles of water at the base of posts or on the deck or balcony surface
  • Rotting or loose balustrades/handrails and loose or rusted brackets and bolts; and
  • Cracked concrete or signs of leaning and cracked or weak mortar, or dislodged brickwork/masonry.

The VBA also recommends using a registered builder or a structural engineer to conduct maintenance checks and repairs to balconies and decks, including balustrades.

You can search for a registered building practitioner by location on the VBA website.

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