VBA Proactive Inspection Program Update

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The VBA Proactive Inspection Program (PIP) visits buildings under construction, inspecting the work and engaging with building and plumbing practitioners about:

  • the VBA's role and function as a Regulator
  • the project (identifying matters, both good and bad)
  • their obligations to rectify identified matters; and
  • their roles and responsibilities.

It is common for a site to have numerous inspection items. Many of these inspection items may be determined as being compliant with the legislation (i.e. no-risk). However, some may be determined to be non-compliant with the legislation and would be assigned a risk level (low, moderate, significant or high). One inspection may result in many no-risk inspection items, and a mixture of low, moderate, significant or high-risk levels.

In June 2017, the VBA conducted 115 proactive inspections, taking the cumulative total for 2016/17 to 1777 inspections – 98.7% of the target of 1,800.

Monthly inspections

About the Monthly Activity Report

The objectives of this monthly report is to publish relevant information about VBA's Proactive Inspection Program, its findings and how the program is tracking against target objectives for the 2016/2017 financial year.

About the VBA Risk Based Approach

Based on the risk level identified during the site inspection, the VBA will engage both informally and formally with the relevant people involved in the project – including the builder, building surveyor, and other regulators – depending on the matters identified.

The following table provides the VBA's response according to the risk level:

Risk Level Treatment Plan
No risk Compliant; no further action
Low Risk Advise relevant person
Moderate risk Advise relevant person; require feedback on intended actions
Significant risk Advise relevant person; require feedback on intended actions; VBA monitors the matter through to resolution
High risk Advise relevant person; require feedback on intended actions; VBA monitors and as necessary case manage through to resolution

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