VBA sanitary drainage inspections and local water authorities inspection requirements

Thursday, 30 March 2017

If you're a licensed plumbing practitioner carrying out below-ground sanitary drainage work, it is your responsibility to book an inspection with the VBA for all below ground sanitary drainage pipes (or pipework) before the work is backfilled or covered over.
The VBA conducts below-ground sanitary drainage inspections in accordance with the mandatory requirements set out in Section 221ZP of the Building Act 1993. Local Water Authorities may have additional inspection requirements for below ground sanitary drainage work. Plumbing practitioners are required to meet VBA mandatory inspection requirements in addition to Water Authority inspection requirements.
VBA advises plumbing practitioners to check with the relevant Water Authority for any additional below-ground sanitary drainage requirements.
Arranging a sanitary drain inspection with the VBA 

  1. Book your drain inspection via eToolbox.
  2. On the day of the inspection, ensure that the excavation is open and that the drain is under an air test (water testing may only be conducted if the drain is installed at a property provided with non-drinking water by the Network Utility Operator)
  3. At the booked time, be on-site with a copy of the Conditions of Connection and the As-laid Drainage Plan
  4. Remain on-site for at least 30 minutes following the booked inspection time. If an auditor does not attend your site within 30 minutes of the booked inspection time, you may proceed with the backfilling of the drain.

Cancelling a sanitary drain inspection

You must have a valid reason for cancelling a below-ground sanitary drainage inspection. Bookings must be cancelled by 4pm on the day prior to inspection via eToolbox or by calling 1300 815 127.

For further information on drainage inspections please click here

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