June plumbing audit findings

Friday, 20 July 2018

The VBA’s risk-based Plumbing Audit Program has published its latest monthly report, including the top three causes of audit failure for June 2018. Throughout the year, VBA compliance auditors conduct on-site audits of a sample of plumbing work across the state for which a compliance certificate has been lodged, to ensure work complies with all relevant plumbing laws.

Top 3 Causes of Audit Failure in June 2018

  1. Failure to provide the minimum clearance between the highest part of the burner and the rangehood or exhaust fan at the rangehood. (25)
  2. Failure to demonstrate that the static pressure to any outlet other than a fire hose outlet, within a building, does not exceed 500kPa at the building. (22)
  3. Failure to install appropriately marked toughened safety glass, where used as a splashback, at the gas cooktop. (15)

View these results and the report overview on the VBA website.

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