VBA Actions for the week ending Friday, 14 June 2019

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Show cause notices

  • Two show cause notices were issued to the same practitioner for alleged breaches of the Building Act and Domestic Building Contracts Act with respect to works at two separate sites.

Permit levy audits

  • Permit levy audits completed: 14


Site inspections were conducted in three regional areas:

  • Geelong to Warrnambool
  • Wangaratta to Wodonga; and
  • Drouin to Bairnsdale.

381 site visits were carried out and, of these:

  • 18 sites had no permits available
  • 13 sites had no endorsed plans available
  • 141 site signs were non-compliant; and
  • 9 drainage inspections were rescheduled, as the drains were not ready for inspection.

Proactive inspections

  • 154 inspections in 24 municipalities.

Plumbing audits

  • Audits: 39
  • Re-audits: 17
  • Inspections: 3
  • Re-inspections: 2

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