VBA research

The VBA Research Program is directed at developing a strong evidence base and improving the functioning of the building and plumbing regulatory system. Research and evaluation projects will aim to identify and explore key regulatory problems, issues and potential solutions.

Findings and outcomes of the program will enable the VBA to:

  • better understand key regulatory problems, including risks, harms, causes and unintended consequences
  • target areas of greatest concern and opportunities for regulatory improvement to minimise harms
  • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of existing regulatory interventions
  • inform future policy direction and recommend feasible solutions
  • adopt earlier, more targeted interventions with an increased chance of success and ROI.

Current Research

The VBA Research Program 2016–17 comprises three major projects.

Failures in the Victorian built environment

Research to identify and understand current and potential failures of building and plumbing work, to improve the building regulatory system – A staged approach. Stage 1 of this research project aims to identify and prioritise failures and to define key problems that should be better understood and addressed by the VBA. Stage 2 will focus on understanding the nature and extent of the key identified failures and to explore and develop appropriate targeted solutions.

Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBPs)

Reducing the Risk Associated with Non-Conforming Building Products. The research is driven by the urgent need for action on the risks associated with NCBPs, an important and complex challenge of national significance. The proposed research aims to: assist in assessing the prevalence of non-conforming building products (NCBPs) in the Victorian building and construction industry supply chain, and the current impact of NCBPs on the adequacy of the Victorian building regulatory system to handle NCBPs; and to contribute collaboratively to a national strategy of research to benefit other jurisdictions, with solutions implemented nationally.