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Building Audit Findings: Swimming Pool Compliance

About the session

The VBA's Building Audit Program is a regulatory initiative that seeks to identify and reduce non-compliant building work in Victoria.

From January 2022 to June 2022, the VBA carried out desktop audits of 46 Class 10b swimming pools across 30 municipalities in Victoria. A total of 21 building surveyors were responsible for the sites selected.

This webinar will detail the findings of swimming pool audits, exploring what information is required and what's needed to ensure that swimming pools are compliant.

Items covered in the presentation will include:

  • Structural compliance
  • Drainage from swimming pools
  • AS1926.1-2012 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
    • Barriers
    • Gates
    • Rigidity
  • AS1926.2-2007 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 2: Location of Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
  • AS1926.3-2010 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 3: Water Recirculation Systems

About the presenter

Keesje has completed a Bachelor of Construction Management from Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying from the University of South Australia.

He worked as a building surveyor in local governments in Western Australia, before joining the VBA in 2019 as a Building Auditor.

In May 2021, he was appointed Manager of Building Audits at the VBA. Keesje is registered as a Level 1 Building Surveying Practitioner in Western Australia.

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