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Building Design (Architectural) and Building Design (Interior) Registration Information Webinar

This webinar provides detailed pre-registration information to help prospective applicants understand the registration eligibility and application process for the registration classes of Building Design (Architectural) and Building Design (interior)

Building Design Architectural & Interior

This webinar will cover:

  • When registration is required
  • The classes available for registration
  • Eligibility requirements, including:
    • Prescribed qualifications
    • Experience requirements
  • How to apply, including:
    • The application form
    • Evidence portfolio requirements
    • Technical referee requirements
  • The application assessment process
  • Interview and testing

By attending this webinar
You will gain a clearer understanding of the requirements for registration in these classes.

This webinar is ideal for
Those considering applying for registration in the near future (including current students) or if you are a current applicant with queries or want further clarification.

Please note: It is highly recommend that you attend a registration information session before you apply; however, you can apply without attending a session.

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