2020 and beyond: The road ahead

For more than two decades, the Victorian building industry has experienced nation-leading growth, with the booming industry bringing prosperity and challenges. As a result, we will all have legacy issues to face in the next decade.

Today, there are questions about the quality of building stock and the sustainability of these buildings as we head into the 2020s.

Our built environment is going to come under increasing pressure for a population that is growing rapidly. By 2030, Melbourne is expected to be Australia’s largest city and housing options will be needed for the young and the old.

At the time of the last national census in 2016, around 450,000 Victorians lived in flats or apartments. Given current construction trends, this number could double by 2030. It is forecast that more than ten million people will call Victoria home by 2050.

Building policy, legislation, regulation and industry must align quickly to ensure we are ready for the challenges and opportunities that are about to come our way.

The VBA is prepared for this moment. Every year over the next decade is going to present our industry with new possibilities, new areas of growth and greater responsibilities.

Working together as governments, regulators and industry, we can tackle this imminent decade. By the end of the 2020s, the industry will be on a new path, but we cannot take the first step until we have resolved the issues of the past two decades.

It is for all of us to ensure Victorians have restored confidence in the building industry, and it is for all of us to make sure Victorians are safe in their built environment.

Sue Eddy

Chief Executive Officer
Victorian Building Authority