Inspiring the next generation of building surveyors

The VBA is taking steps to encourage secondary school leavers to pursue rewarding careers in building surveying.

Implementing a long-term strategy to attract interested students to the industry, the VBA is:

  • attending careers expos and speaking at schools to engage students and those seeking a career change
  • helping graduate surveyors gain their registration through placements with councils and the VBA
  • designing a formal graduate program for building surveyors; and
  • investigating professional development programs and online learning modules to keep industry knowledge up to date.

The strategy comes after the VBA received significant feedback about ever-increasing workloads and a lack of qualified surveyors entering the industry at our Building Surveyors’ conference in February.

Taking the first step in implementing this vital strategy, staff from the VBA attended the VCE and Careers Expo in early May, speaking with more than 1000 students and parents about the importance of building surveyors to the construction industry. VBA staff also strengthened relationships with key contributors to the industry.

The VBA will continue this important work and will measure our impact on student numbers and graduates over the next three years.