Names, registration numbers required for all advertising and offers relating to domestic building work

If you are promoting your services as a domestic builder or providing written quotes to customers for domestic building work, you must make it clear you are a registered building practitioner.

Sections 169H and 169I of the Building Act 1993 require all advertising and written offers relating to domestic building work to carry the name and registration number of the responsible building practitioner.

These requirements cover all forms of print and online advertising, including social media, as well as any written quotes for domestic building work.

Practitioners holding company registration must ensure that any advertising or written offers indicate whether they or their company will be completing the proposed domestic building work.

In either case, both the individual or company name, and relevant registration number, must be clearly legible.

Practitioners who are members of a partnership must also provide their name and registration number on advertising and written quotes for all types of building work.

The requirements of sections 169H and 169I do not apply to promotional materials, such as business cards, or other items bearing a company logo, such as pens or uniforms, when they accompany a written offer to carry out domestic building work.

The VBA recommends building practitioners exercise judgement when producing or publishing advertising materials relating to their business. Certain actions, or the context in which such materials are used, may cause a written statement to fall under the scope of sections 169H and 169I.

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