VBA partners with Cladding Safety Victoria to accelerate pace of rectification works

Works to replace combustible cladding on 15 multi-storey buildings across Victoria have begun, after the State Government established a dedicated agency to support building owners and owners corporations through the rectification process.

Cladding Safety Victoria was established on 16 July 2019 in response to a key recommendation from the Victorian Cladding Taskforce. Based within the Victorian Building Authority, the agency works closely with building owners and occupants to help them remove combustible cladding from their buildings and reduce fire risks to an acceptable level.

While Cladding Safety Victoria provides direct assistance to owners and residents throughout the rectification process, the VBA will continue its important work of identifying, inspecting and assessing multi-storey buildings across the state.

Apartment buildings audited and assessed by the VBA as having heightened fire safety risk will be referred to Cladding Safety Victoria. The agency will then assign liaison officers to relevant buildings and commence a series of meetings with owners and occupiers to map out a clear plan for immediate and future actions.

While rectification works progress, the VBA will monitor each building site, ensuring all works completed are safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Owners of buildings outside the scope of Cladding Safety Victoria, such as private hospitals, private schools and aged care facilities, will continue to liaise with the VBA.