Always identify your water supply before carrying out plumbing work

Examples of recycled water pipes
Plumbers working on a site with mains and recycled water must identify the source of a water supply before starting work.

The VBA and local water authorities supplying recycled water wish to remind plumbers of the importance of identifying the source of a water supply when carrying out work on properties that also have a recycled water service.

All recycled water pipework, fittings and outlets must be correctly identified as per the requirements in AS/NZS 3500.1 Plumbing and drainage Part 1: Water services. For example, the standard requires all recycled water pipes to be coloured purple and marked with appropriate identification tape.

For various reasons, existing recycled water systems are not always readily identifiable on site. So, it is important for all plumbers working on a site with a recycled water service to satisfy themselves of the nature and source of the water supply they are working with.

The safest way to identify the source is to turn off the supply to the property at the water meter.

At the completion of the work, the water service must be tested for any cross-connection prior to commissioning.

For further information, including a recommended test and commissioning procedure, please refer to your local water authority’s water metering guidelines and any specific conditions of connection.