Changes to the occupancy permit application process for prescribed temporary structures

Prescribed temporary structure
The Victorian Building Authority has introduced a new occupancy permit application process for prescribed temporary structures.

Victoria is renowned for hosting wide-ranging public events, from racing and tennis to cultural festivals and outdoor concerts.

Ensuring the safety of everyone attending these events is paramount and a primary objective for the VBA. That’s why the Authority made upholding public safety its core consideration when updating its occupancy permit application process for prescribed temporary structures (PTS).

In Victoria, some temporary structures require an occupancy permit from the VBA before they can be used for public entertainment. This includes some marquees, stages, booths and seating stands.

When do the changes commence?

The new application process commenced on Monday, 3 February 2020, and is designed to make the occupancy permit application process more efficient while decreasing processing times.

What has changed?

The occupancy permit application process has been simplified, with updated forms now available on the VBA website.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they supply all necessary documents to support their application. The VBA recommends applicants review the temporary structures occupancy permit checklist (DOCX, 125.23 KB) to make sure they have everything required before submitting their application. The VBA has also published guidelines to ensure the expectations of an application are communicated clearly and transparently.

The VBA will not grant an occupancy permit for any PTS where additional information requested by the Authority has not been received by the due date, or where the structural and public safety of a PTS cannot be demonstrated to the VBA’s satisfaction.

Additional changes

  • The VBA will issue statewide occupancy permits for up to five years, instead of three years.
  • All temporary structure occupancy permit applications will be categorised as ‘new’. Due to the above changes, applications for renewals or amendments will no longer be accepted.

For more information, refer to the VBA’s prescribed temporary structures portal and application guidelines.

You can also contact the VBA’s Technical and Regulation Building Team by emailing