New National Dictionary to help decode building and plumbing terms

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With building and plumbing terms differing from state to state, Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board have launched an online dictionary to help when words get lost in translation.

The National Dictionary of Building and Plumbing Terms combines terminology and definitions from the National Construction Code (NCC), Australian Standards, Australian/New Zealand Standards and Handbook 50:2004 Glossary of Building Terms.

The online dictionary enables users to search for terms and definitions in these reference materials and understand how they are referenced in the NCC.

In 2018, the Building Confidence report identified that the Australian construction sector uses different terminology to describe the same or similar processes, causing confusion for consumers and the industry.

The National Dictionary of Building and Plumbing Terms will help industry, government and consumers understand the range of terminology used across Australia, even if certain terms are not generally used in a particular state or territory.

Standards Australia anticipates that a consistent use of building and plumbing terminology will help promote a national approach to the application of building codes, standards and regulations.

Future enhancements to the online dictionary will incorporate additional reference material and relevant terminology used in state and territory building legislation.