VBA Actions for the week ending 17 July 2020

Commercial building in Geelong
A summary of VBA prosecutions, show cause notices, notices of decision, permit levy audits, proactive inspections and plumbing activities for the week.

Investigations – Building

  • Prosecutions initiated: 1

Investigations – Plumbing

  • Warning letters issued: 1

Practitioner Discipline

  • Notices of Decision issued: 1
  • Letters issued before immediate suspension for registration/licensing matters: 6

Proactive Inspections

  • 271 inspections across 30 municipalities
  • Building Orders for Minor Work issued: 9

Building Appeals Board matters

  • A builder appealed against a VBA decision to issue a direction to fix requiring removal of all Alucobond Plus (Aluminium Composite Panels) from the external walls of a Class 5 and 6 building (BAB Case No. 451818). The Board upheld the VBA’s decision and dismissed the application.

Plumbing Audits

  • Audits: 99
  • Re-audits: 26
  • Inspections: 22
  • Re-inspections: 3

Statewide Cladding Audit

  • Inspections completed: 13
  • Buildings assessed by Advisory Reference Panels: 8
  • Of the buildings assessed by ARPs, six were rated higher risk and two were rated moderate.