VBA Actions for the week ending 20 November 2020

Apartment tower against blue sky
A summary of VBA prosecutions, show cause notices, notices of decision, permit levy audits, proactive inspections and plumbing activities for the week.

Investigations (Building)

  • Warning letters issued: 3

Investigations (Plumbing)

  • Warning letters issued: 2
  • Educational letters issued: 2

Practitioner Discipline

  • Notices of Decision issued: 2

Plumbing Inquiries

  • A licensed plumber was reprimanded, fined $6608 (plus costs of $72) and will have their next five compliance certificates in Roofing (Stormwater) work audited for permitting or directing another person to carry out defective plumbing work, lodging a compliance certificate containing factual errors, and failing to comply with a VBA Rectification Notice.
  • A licensed plumber was found guilty of carrying out plumbing work in the classes of Mechanical Services and Gasfitting when not registered or licensed in those classes. The Plumbing Inquiries Board will determine a penalty at a later date.
  • A licensed plumber was found guilty of carrying out non-compliant Roofing (Stormwater) work and signing on a compliance certificate that contained factual errors. The plumber was fined $826 (plus costs of $72), ordered to complete further training in installation and fabrication of external flashings (CPCPRF3023A) within 12 months, and will have their next five compliance certificates audited by the VBA.

Proactive Inspections

  • 265 inspections across 32 municipalities
  • Building Orders for Minor Work issued: 3
  • An Emergency Order was issued to a property owner whose garage door forms part of their swimming pool barrier.

Plumbing Audits

  • Audits: 161
  • Re-audits: 18
  • Inspections: 11
  • Re-inspections: 1

Statewide Cladding Audit

  • Inspections completed: 9
  • Buildings assessed by Advisory Reference Panels: 5
  • Of the buildings assessed by ARPs, all were rated higher risk.