VBA Actions for the week ending 25 September 2020

VBA car at building site
A summary of VBA prosecutions, show cause notices, notices of decision, permit levy audits, proactive inspections and plumbing activities for the week.

Complaints and Statutory Referrals

  • A warning letter was issued to a builder for allowing guttering on a garage to encroach on adjoining property.
  • A warning letter was issued to a building surveyor for failing to obtain report and consent, and refusing to issue a building permit that did not comply with setbacks.

Practitioner Discipline

  • Show Cause Notices issued: 1
  • Notices of Decision issued: 2

Proactive Inspections

  • 98 inspections across 18 municipalities
  • Emergency Orders issued: 2 (both for non-compliant swimming pool barriers)

Plumbing Audits

  • Audits: 146
  • Re-audits: 10
  • Inspections: 15

Statewide Cladding Audit

  • Inspections completed: 2