Importance of working within your registration or licence class

With 2021 underway, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is reminding all practitioners of the importance of not only being registered, but also following the rules of your registration and only working within these parameters.

The VBA is actively inspecting building sites and is more visible than ever before, engaging with practitioners, ensuring building and plumbing work is compliant.

We are on the lookout for any instances of practitioners operating without registration or outside of what they are allowed to do, potentially putting the safety of Victorians at risk. This includes making sure practitioners are doing the right thing when they are carrying out servicing and maintenance work.

The VBA is here to support you - we can help if you need clarification or assistance in what your registration allows you to do.

More information about the different categories of registered builders and registered and licensed plumbers is available on our website.

We also run webinars throughout the year to make sure practitioners have access to the latest information they need to do their jobs well.

Please do the right thing by Victorians and the wider building industry by following the rules. We will not hesitate to act against those who work without registration or outside their scope of registration and fail to work in a way that ensures the health and safety of their clients, themselves, and those around them.

We do this to ensure a level playing field for the entire industry, the vast majority of practitioners doing the right thing don’t deserve to lose work to those doing the wrong thing.

Practitioners can visit the eToolbox to check the status of their registration.