Practitioners pivotal to bushfire preparedness and recovery

We continue to provide practitioners advice and support on the requirements for bushfire preparedness and rebuilding in bushfire-affected areas.

As the bushfire season approaches, the VBA has encouraged homeowners to get in contact with a Registered Building Practitioner to see how they can retrofit their properties with additional safety features, as part of their bushfire survival plan.

The unprecedented fire season two years ago saw regional communities devastated and most of the state clouded in smoke, highlighting just how dangerous bushfires can be.

Practitioners continue to play a pivotal role in helping Victorians prepare for the bushfire season ahead and the recovery from the 2019-20 bushfires.

Earlier this year, audits carried out by the VBA found that, in some cases, there were compliance issues with AS3959, around building permits in bushfire prone areas. We are looking to further educate practitioners to rectify these issues.

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) are delivering Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) short courses in Melbourne in April, June and September next year.

We are encouraging practitioners who are required to assess and determine a BAL and its impact on the construction requirements of a building to enrol in this course.

For more information and to enrol, please visit the FPAA site here. For any questions please contact FPAA or (03) 8892 116.

To learn more about the bushfire audit findings, watch our recording of the VBA's Bushfire Audit and Findings Practitioner Education Series webinar here.

Find out more ways to keep your Victorians safe from bushfire on the VBA website and tips on home protection from the Country Fire Authority.