An easier way for practitioners to become registered

Hundreds of aspiring building practitioners have experienced a more efficient application process since the introduction of online exams run by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

The online exams mean applicants will enjoy a reduction in the overall average wait time for processing of an application.

The initiative was initially trialled with a selection of practitioners between June and September 2021 and is available via the VBA’s online platform, ProctorU.

The VBA’s Chief Operations Officer Jocelyn Crawford said the VBA was continuously working to the way it operates and the way it engages with industry.

“In line with the VBA’s direction, it’s important that we continue to navigate these times of significant change, growth, and transformation,” Ms Crawford said.

“That’s why we believe it’s important to provide practitioners with a pathway to registration and licensing in a more efficient manner.”

Overall, more than 480 practitioners were invited to complete their exams online and to provide feedback about their experience.

“Our motivation to be data-driven and intelligence led means we are committed to carrying out thorough testing in order to provide the most user-friendly resources for all practitioners,” Ms Crawford said.

Since the introduction of online exams, a 12 per cent improvement in the average wait time for processing of applications has been recorded.

Applicants who have completed a new online exam have also participated in a survey, and 96 per cent of them reported that it saved them significant time.

The VBA estimates that more than 500 hours of practitioner time has been saved to date.

Applicants responded most positively about the ease of creation of a ProctorU account and testing of equipment in preparation for the exam.

The new online exams include:

  • Domestic Builder - Unlimited
  • Domestic Builder - Limited to Carpentry Work
  • Commercial Builder – Unlimited
  • Commercial Builder – Limited to Medium Rise Work
  • Commercial Builder Limited to Low Rise Work
  • Building Inspector - Pool Safety

The VBA is currently working to make online exams available for all building classes and for plumbing theory exams.