Builder disqualified and fined for giving false information

A Victorian builder has been disqualified for two years after his application to challenge the disciplinary decision by the Victorian Building Authority was dismissed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Victorian man Andrio Torcasio (DB-U 21038) cannot operate for two years and has had his registration as a Domestic Builder Unlimited cancelled.

In addition, he was penalised $15,000 for knowingly providing false information and obtaining registration on the basis of false information.

In applications for renewal for his personal registration and for the registration of a building company, JAG Building Group Pty Ltd, made in 2020 Mr Torcasio failed to disclose past insolvencies.

Mr Torcasio also had four different variations of his full name along with three different birth dates in the records of the VBA and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which obscured facts which would have otherwise prevented him from becoming registered.

The VBA’s Regulatory Operations Executive Director David Brockman said that Mr Torcasio did not disclose this history when applying for registration, despite the VBA’s application process requiring him to.

“When these matters were identified, the VBA took swift action against Mr Torcasio, sending a clear message to other people wanting to do the wrong thing that this behaviour won’t be tolerated.”

“We act swiftly and firmly in cases of non-compliance to ensure practitioners play by the rules and consumers can trust they’re being kept safe.”

Mr Torcasio’s company JAG Building Group Pty Ltd also had its registration cancelled and was disqualified for two years.

The VBA has an online consumer resource portal with information for anyone who experiences issues with builders or plumbers.

Victorians can visit to make sure their builder or plumber is registered or licensed.