Building Product Revocation – MULTIPANEL Balcony Waterproof Substrate System

Following a decision by the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC), the MULTIPANEL Balcony Waterproof Substrate System building product BRAC certification was revoked on 19 October 2022.

The BRAC certification for this building product was revoked in accordance with Regulation 248(1) of the Building Regulations 2018.

Why is the BRAC certification being revoked?

After a lengthy examination of the product and product documentation by the BRAC, which included an independent expert review, it was decided that there was insufficient evidence of the satisfactory performance of the product and its assembly when employed for certain external applications.

I’ve already installed this product - what happens now?

This product does not pose an immediate safety risk if it has already been installed. Failure of the product and its assembly will be demonstrated by water penetration. Over a long period of time, if the water penetration is not remedied, it could lead to serious deterioration of the installation.

All installations of the product prior to the revocation of the BRAC certification are legitimate installations if the installations completely followed the manufacturers recommendations.

There is no requirement to remove existing product installations but appropriate precautions should be considered if there is evidence of water penetration or failure of the waterproofing system.