Response to AIBS Public Statement Regarding the VBA

The below statement can be attributed to the Victorian Building Authority’s CEO Sue Eddy

We make no apologies for taking enforcement action against practitioners who have put the safety of Victorians at risk.

Victorians rightly expect that all practitioners follow the rules, when they don’t the VBA is there to take action, we will continue to do this without fear or favour.

It is unfortunate that AIBS has mispresented facts with their own opinion - the VBA does not accept its unfounded claims.


Industry associations play a critical role in advocating the interests of their members. The Victorian Building Authority enjoys a constructive working relationship with many member-based associations.


It is our job to continually regulate the building system and we are doing that every day. The VBA has inspected more than 3,300 buildings through the Statewide Cladding Audit (SCA).

Of those buildings identified to have combustible cladding, higher risk buildings have been referred to Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) under our nation-leading cladding rectification program.


The VBA has a rigorous registration scheme and proof of meeting legislative requirements as part of a practitioner's application, including academic qualification and experience.

If a person is found to have lied or misrepresented their qualifications, the VBA will take appropriate enforcement action.