Saving practitioners time and money

The VBA is making it easier for building surveyors and inspectors to lodge applications, saving them both time and money.

The VBA has made significant improvements in how practitioners interact with us, including:

  • Improved navigation of Licensing and Registration pages on our website, benefiting all practitioners.
  • Streamlined application forms for Building Surveyors and Inspectors to make them clearer.
  • New Logbook for applicant Building Surveyors and Inspectors.
  • The ability for applicant Building Surveyors and Inspectors to upload their applications to the website, instead of sending it through the post.

These changes are also ensuring we see a better quality of application submitted.

This project will result in an economic benefit to the industry of around $1.6 million – more money back in practitioner pockets and less time spent on administrative tasks.