Victorian man fined over $40,000 for unregistered building work

A Victorian man has been convicted and ordered to pay over $40,000 for performing building work without registration.

Marcus Chronis has been ordered by a magistrate at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court to pay a $43,127.60 following a VBA investigation.

The Court heard that Mr Chronis operated ACM Group Commercial Design Builders Pty Ltd but was at no time a registered builder or had a registered building company.

Mr Chronis was hired by a couple in Glenroy, Victoria, to build their home but left it unfinished.

The VBA’s Regulatory Operations Executive Director David Brockman said the outcome showed that anyone attempting to do building or plumbing work unregistered would not get away with it.

“We are taking action against rogue operators who destroy consumer trust in the Victorian building industry by impersonating legitimate and qualified practitioners.”

“The penalty handed down by the Court supports the seriousness of this matter and the stress and harm it caused the homeowners.”

During construction of the Glenroy property, Mr Chronis was seen undertaking building work.

As the work exceeded $10,000 and he was not registered as a builder, the work breached the Building Act 1993.

Mr Brockman said the case highlighted the need for consumers to check that any practitioner they engage is registered and or licensed.

“While the vast majority of builders do the right thing, it’s a small minority who break the rules and take work away from reputable builders.

“Before you engage a builder, you should check whether they are registered and whether they are who they say they are,” Mr Brockman said.

To ensure a project is completed by a builder with the necessary qualifications and experience, make sure you always use a registered building practitioner.

The VBA has an online consumer resource portal with information for anyone who is experiencing issues with builders or plumbers.

Victorians can visit to make sure their builder or plumber is registered or licensed.