Plumbing registration and licences

To do plumbing work in Victoria, you must be one of the following:

  • licensed by the VBA;
  • registered (or provisionally registered) by the VBA and working under the supervision of a licensed plumbing practitioner; or
  • in training under the supervision of a licensed plumbing practitioner.

A licensed plumber has a higher standard of knowledge and experience than a plumber who is registered or in training. Licensed plumbers are able to issue consumers with a compliance certificate, which certifies that their work complies with the relevant plumbing standards, codes and regulations. And they hold insurance that protects consumers when their plumbing work is found to be defective.

If you are not registered or licensed, or in training, then you face significant penalties for doing plumbing work.

You need to be registered or licenced in every class of plumbing work that you intend to do.

Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations 2018 define ten main classes of plumbing work and five specialised classes.

Specialised classes of plumbing work

  1. Type A Appliance Servicing
  2. Type A Appliance Conversion
  3. Type B Gasfitting Advanced
  4. Backflow Prevention
  5. Thermostatic Mixing Valve – commencing 18 November 2019