Plumbing Registration

1. Plumbing Registration

The VBA regulates plumbing practitioners, plumbing work and plumbing standards to protect the safety and health of people, and the integrity of the water supply. To uphold this objective, it registers people only if satisfied they can carry out plumbing work competently and safely.

The VBA decides whether to grant applications for registration (or provisional registration) in a class or specialised class of plumbing work. The decision is based on the assessment of your knowledge, competence, experience and character.

Remember, you cannot complete plumbing work if you are not registered, licensed (or in training under the supervision of a licensed plumber).

Application fee

You need to pay $56.90 including GST to lodge your application form with the VBA. The Plumbing Registration Application Form explains how to pay this fee.

If your application is granted, you will then need to pay a registration fee. For a full list of fees, please refer to Plumbing licensing and registration fees.

Classes and specialised classes

Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations 2018 define ten main classes of plumbing work and five specialised classes. The following VBA guides explain the knowledge, skills and experience that you need for registration in each of the classes.

Main classes

  1. Drainage
  2. Fire Protection
  3. Gasfitting
  4. Irrigation (Non-agricultural)
  5. Mechanical Services
  6. Refrigerated Air-conditioning
  7. Roofing (Stormwater)
  8. Sanitary
  9. Type B Gasfitting
  10. Water Supply

Specialised classes

  1. Type A Appliance Servicing
  2. Type A Appliance Conversion
  3. Type B Gasfitting Advanced
  4. Backflow Prevention
  5. Thermostatic Mixing Valve – commencing 18 November 2019