Plumbing registration and licence renewal

Plumbers may only carry out plumbing work within Victoria if they have a current registration or licence, or are a plumbing apprentice.

To continue to carry out plumbing work:

  • Registered plumbers must apply to renew their registration every three years.
  • Licensed plumbers must apply to renew their licence every year.
  • If the VBA has issued a registration or licence for a lesser period, then it will have to be renewed accordingly.

Carrying out plumbing work once expiry has occurred is against the law.

Application for renewal

When it is time for you to renew, the VBA will send a renewal reminder to the postal address on our records, urging you to complete your renewal via our online practitioner portal, eToolbox. You will receive a reminder eight weeks prior to your expiry date and four weeks prior to your expiry date.

It is your responsibility to advise the VBA if your postal address changes, to avoid any lost communications. However, if you did not receive your renewal reminders in the mail and need to renew urgently, please complete the late renewal form and submit it to the VBA via mail or email.

If you are applying to renew a licence, you must provide a Certificate of Currency as proof of your insurance cover. More information is available from the VBA’s plumbing insurance requirements webpage.

You must submit your application for renewal at least two months prior to your expiry date. This ensures the VBA has sufficient time to process your application before expiry occurs. Your expiry date will be explicitly stated on the reminders you will receive from the VBA.

What happens after your application for renewal is received?

Once the VBA has received your renewal application, we may contact you (via letter or email) to ask for more information.

If the VBA grants your renewal application after your registration or licence has expired, it will not be backdated. During that period, the VBA considers you to be unlicensed or unregistered. Plumbers with an expired licence cannot purchase a compliance certificate.

Application for renewal after your licence or registration has expired

The VBA cannot renew your licence or registration if you apply to renew it after it has expired, unless:

  • you pay the renewal fee, including a late fee, and
  • the VBA is satisfied that you didn’t carry out any plumbing work in Victoria after your registration or licence expired.

If you are applying under these circumstances, you will need to provide more information to the VBA to help it assess your application.

To apply to renew a licence or registration after it has expired, save and complete the Application to renew a plumbing licence/registration after expiry on your computer (do not handwrite). The application form includes a checklist to help you complete the process.

As part of your application, we also require you to undertake a National Police Check. Once we have received your completed application form, you will be sent an email with details on how to complete the National Police Check. More information about the National Police Check can be found in the application form.