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Commercial Builder

Commercial building work is work associated with the construction of commercial buildings and structures.

There are 11 classes of commercial building work.

A person registered as Commercial Builder Unlimited are responsible for carrying out, managing, and arranging all components of commercial building work.

A person registered in a Commercial Builder Limited class can only do certain types of commercial building work like low-rise buildings, waterproofing, or installing blinds and awnings.


Do you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to apply for registration as a commercial builder? There are different qualifications and experience requirements for registration in each class of commercial building work.

To see what skills and experience is required, go to What is commercial building work?

Application forms

Please follow the instructions carefully. Our application process changes from time to time.

To apply for registration as a Commercial Builder, you'll need to complete an online application form.

  • To start a new application, log in to VBA and start a new application from the “Registration and licensing” page.
  • To continue an application, log in to VBA and find your draft application on the “Registration and licensing” page.

Technical references

To apply for registration as a Commercial Builder you will need to provide a technical reference confirming your experience – you may need to provide more than one technical reference. Your referees must be Commercial Builders registered in the same class or a class higher than the one you're applying for.

All referees will each need to complete and sign a Technical Referee Form for the class you're applying for. Make sure you use the correct form – as using the incorrect form will result in delays to your application: