Online Exams – Building

As part of the process of assessment of the skills and knowledge of registration applicants, the VBA may request that an applicant complete an exam. The VBA is now conducting exams for a selected group of registration classes on its online platform, ProctorU.

Online exams will be conducted for the following builder registration classes:

  • Building Inspector (Pool Safety)
  • Commercial Builder Unlimited
  • Commercial Builder - Limited to Low Rise Construction
  • Commercial Builder - Limited to Medium Rise Construction
  • Demolisher Unlimited, limited to low rise and limited to medium rise
  • Domestic Builder Unlimited
    • Domestic builder limited to (bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovation)
    • Domestic builder limited to (bricklaying & block laying)
    • Domestic builder limited to cabinetmaking, joinery and stair construction
    • Domestic builder (limited to carpentry)
    • Domestic builder (limited to earthworks & excavations)
    • Domestic builder (limited to footings and slabs)
    • Domestic builder (limited to framing)
    • Domestic builder (limited to non-habitable structures)
    • Domestic builder (limited to re-stumping & re-blocking)
    • Domestic builder (limited to the construction of structural landscaping)
    • Domestic builder (limited to the construction of swimming pools & spas)
    • Domestic builder (limited to waterproofing)
  • Building Designer building design (architectural)
  • Building Designer building design (interior)

The VBA is completing a program of work to make online exams available for all building classes and for plumbing theory exams. Some exams will continue to be held at the VBA offices.

How To Guide & Practice Exercise ProctorU Guide FAQ Permitted Reference Materials


These instructions are provided to guide you through the process of how to create your account, book and complete your exam in ProctorU.

You must book and complete your exam within 14 days of receiving an email from the VBA inviting you to take an exam

After receiving an email from the VBA notifying you to book your exam, you will receive an invitation email from ProctorU asking you to schedule your VBA exam. You can select any time in the next 14 days that suits you. A 72-hour notice period is required.

Click on the invitation link to create your account; select Create a new user account and follow the instructions.

Test your equipment

Test your computer equipment to confirm that your webcam, microphone, operating system, browser, and internet speed will support the completion of the online exam.

Select the Test your Equipment button. ProctorU will run these checks for you.

Choose Allow ProctorU to use your camera and microphone.

Next, download the Guardian browser

Your exam session will use the Guardian internet browser. Download it now.

Select the Download Guardian Browser button.

Then schedule your exam session

Select the Schedule session button, choose a date and select one of the available sessions. Your exam booking will be confirmed by email and you will receive a reminder email 3 days before your booking.

If you do not have a computer or your computer is not suitable, contact the VBA by email at or call 1300 815 127.

Make sure you read and understand all the exam rules below. During the exam, you will be supervised by your live proctor who will ask you to confirm you agree to follow these rules. If you have any questions, you may ask your live proctor. For your information, the VBA exam rules are:

Stay connected to a power source.

Phones or headphones are not permitted.

Dual monitors are not permitted.

Your webcam, speakers and microphone must remain on throughout the exam.

You must remain seated at all times and stay in view of the webcam for the duration of the exam. If you need to stand up to stretch, let your proctor know and stay in view of the webcam.

You must be alone in the room.

No talking.

No portable electronic devices are permitted, including but not limited to:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches
  • Electronic notebooks

You may have copies of the VBA permitted reference materials on your desk. Remove all other materials from your desk and surrounding area. Only materials expressly permitted by the VBA can be used during the exam. Find the list of permitted materials.

If you are sitting two exams in a single session, you may take a five minute break between the exams. No other breaks are allowed.

You must keep all exam questions and exercises confidential.

No copying or recording of the exam, of any kind is permitted, including:

  • No audio or video recording
  • No photographs of assessment exercises
  • No written or typed recording of assessment questions and exercises

Only one internet browser (Guardian) is to be open during the exam.

Your full interaction with ProctorU will be recorded – this includes confirming your identification with the live proctor, a scan of your environment, and completion of the exam.

Remember you will need your user name and password to log in on exam day.

You must complete the Building Exam ‘How to Guide’ before your exam.

Complete the How to Guide a few days before your scheduled exam. The guide explains how to complete the multiple-choice questions and plan-based exercises and allows you to practice using the plan marking tools.

You will need to practice using the plan marking tools so that you are able to complete the exam in the allotted time.

You can practice as many times as you like using the Exam ‘How to Guide’.

When it’s time to complete your exam, log into ProctorU.

You can find your username in your invitation email. Use the password you created for this account.

The exam will be supervised by a live online proctor..

Exam launch process

Have your photo ID ready to show the proctor.

  • Download the Proctor Chat Application file so you can connect to your proctor. This will pop up automatically, usually in the bottom left of the screen. If prompted, be sure to click open or allow.
  • A chatbox will pop up and show waiting. The connection to the proctor will take about10 minutes. Do not exit this screen while a connection to your proctor is initiated.
  • Follow the prompts, click on the computer screen image shown and select Share.
  • Agree to the terms of service, the recording notice, and exam guidelines.
  • Take a photo of yourself and your photo ID.
  • The proctor will then connect to your computer, complete security checks including verifying your ID, confirm no other programs are running on your computer, and check your exam space by completing a 360-degree room pan.

You can talk to the proctor at any time or use the chatbox to message your proctor during the exam.

Click on the blue owl icon at the bottom of your screen if you can’t see the chatbox on screen.

Please view the ProctorU Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Your live proctor will log you into your exam by entering your userID and password. Please do not attempt to log in yourself as you may be locked out the exam. The proctor will be available to assist if any technical issues arise during the exam.

Your VBA invitation to complete an exam email will advise whether you need to complete one or two exams and the duration of those exams. You may need to complete a Multiple Choice format exam and/or a Plan Based Exam depending on your application. Your live proctor will also confirm the exams you will be completing on exam day.

The exam is timed. The timer does not start until the first question is presented. The timer will appear in the top right hand corner of each screen. This timer will display a countdown so you know how much time you have remaining to complete your exam. When the exam time has expired, your answers will be automatically submitted, even if you have not finished the exam.

If any exam rules are breached during the exam, the proctor will inform you that a breach has been observed and request that the breach be stopped or rectified. A breach of any of the exam rules may result in the exam being stopped and forfeited.

You may use the chatbox to communicate with your proctor during the exam.

If you are completing two exams, the proctor will guide you through how to start and submit each exam. Do not end your session after the first exam.

Confirm with the proctor when you have completed and submitted your exam/s.   You will not be able to go back to view the exam questions or your answers once your exam has ended.  Once the proctor confirms that you may exit the session, close your chat box and browser to disconnect from your session and stop the video recording.

Contacting the VBA about online exams

If you have any questions, please email or call us on 1300 815 127.


More information on how to use ProctorU.

ProctorU Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

To view the ProctorU Terms of Service.

To view the ProctorU Privacy Policy.