Product Accreditation Register

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) is satisfied that the following products meet the performance requirements of the Victorian Building Regulations 2018 or the National Construction Code. Copies of all current Certificates of Accreditation can be found on this page. For further details about the BRAC Accreditation process, please visit the following page.

The Australian Building Controls Board (ABCB) has provided the following guidance in NCC 2022 relating to referencing within current certificates: “Current documentary evidence, such as a certificate or report, containing references to NCC 2019 provisions remains valid despite amended provision references in NCC 2022, subject to technical requirements remaining the same between editions”.

In response to this guidance, the Building Regulations Advisory Committee has completed a review of all current BRAC Certificates of Accreditation and determined that there is no material change in technical requirements affecting current certificates. Therefore, NCC reference numbers will not be updated until the BRAC Certificate of Accreditation reaches its expiry date.

Register of accredited building products (PDF, 756.98 KB)

Certificate of Accreditation