Building Surveyor Audit Program

The VBA’s Building Surveyor Audit Program (BSAP) is a regulatory initiative that identifies and reduces non-compliant building work in Victoria. The program involves the review of building and occupancy permit documentation for work in Victoria, to ensure registered building practitioners are carrying out their functions correctly and a quality built environment is maintained.

The VBA’s Building Audit team includes highly skilled and experienced registered building surveyors. This team undertakes audits of both domestic and commercial work. By proactively auditing building permits, we:

  • engage with industry to build trust
  • educate building practitioners as the construction industry evolves
  • ensure building practitioners meet their responsibilities and functions under the Building Act 1993 (the Act), Building Regulations 2018 and that their work complies with the Act and Regulations.

You can learn more about this program, and the issues most commonly found, in our desktop audit reports.

Site selection

All registered building surveyors performing functions under the Act will be audited at least once every three years. Sites are selected based on a risk-based framework or intelligence received from a range of sources.

When selecting sites for audit, the VBA use building permit data stored within our systems.

A range of risk factors are applied to the permits to deliver a subset of sites for our Building Auditors to audit. The purpose of this is to ensure the VBA audits a range of building work proportional to the volume of work undertaken by practitioners.

We also target particular types of construction and practitioners to manage risk and to ensure intervention at the earliest possible stage, when required.