Domestic builder

Domestic building work is work associated with the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home. There are 30 classes of domestic building work.

Domestic builder (unlimited)

People registered in the class of Domestic Builder (Unlimited) are responsible for carrying out, or managing or arranging the carrying out of all components of domestic building work for the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home. Homes are class 1, 2 and 4 buildings, and associated class 10 buildings (see Building classes).

Limited classes of domestic building work

A person registered in a limited domestic builder class may be limited to carrying out, or managing or arranging the carrying out of certain types of domestic building work, such as being limited to carpentry work or glazing work.

For a list of limited domestic builder classes and experience required, see What is Domestic building work?


Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience to apply for registration as a building practitioner in Domestic building work? See What is Domestic building work? for an outline of the skills required.

The qualifications and experience requirements for registration are specific to the class and/or component of domestic building work you are seeking to be registered in.

If you are in a partnership

Each partner of the partnership applying for registration must complete a separate Partner's Declaration (PDF, 321.51 KB).

Start your application

Save and complete the following relevant forms on your computer (do not handwrite; it will take longer to process). The application form includes a checklist to assist you with the process.


Limited (carpentry)

We have recently introduced a new application form for the Domestic Builder Limited to Carpentry class. Please note that we will continue to accept and process applications received on the previous form until close of business Monday 25th November 2019.

Completion of an Experience Statement for carpentry is no longer required.

Limited (all other classes)

Experience statements and technical referee reports (limited classes)

You must complete and submit both an experience statement and a technical referee report for every class you seek to be registered in. Select your class below.

If you intend to carry out only one of the following components of work under one domestic building contract, you do not need to be registered. If you will be carrying out two or more of these components, registration is required.