Building permit levy calculator

In order to fund the Building Control, the Domestic Dispute Resolution System and – for certain permits – cladding rectification works, the Building Act 1993 (the Act) imposes a building permit levy in Victoria.

Use our building permit levy calculator to estimate the levy amount payable.

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Note: The building permit levy is not payable if the cost of building work is $10,000 or less.
Any BPN application submitted in the Building Activity Management System (BAMS) on or after the commencement date will only have a cladding levy calculated if the Building Permit Application Date is also equal to or later than the commencement date.
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  to fund the building control system in Victoria (this permit).

  to fund Victoria's dispute resolution service (this permit).

  to fund cladding rectification in Victoria (this permit).

  total building permit levy payable.

Disclaimer: This calculator provides only an estimate of the amount of levy payable. It should only be used as a guide and not relied on for decision making purposes. The actual amount of levy payable to the VBA for each building permit is verified by the Building Activity Management System and dependent on the accuracy of supporting information lodged with building permit number application, which may be subject to reassessment under the Building Act 1993.