Plumber renewals and other requirements

This section contains essential information for plumbers who are already registered or licensed. This includes information on your ongoing responsibilities to continue carrying out plumbing work, such as:

If you need to change your accreditation (e.g. from a registration to a licence, or reduced fee to registration), please complete the Plumbing change of accreditation form (PDF, 418.4 KB).

If you are already registered or licenced as a plumber in another state or territory or New Zealand and would like to become registered or licenced in Victoria, see Mutual recognition for plumbers.

If you have lost, damaged or destroyed your ID card, please complete the Request for a Duplicate ID Card (Plumbing). (PDF, 273.14 KB)

For information on regulations affecting the plumbing industry, visit Plumbing codes and standards.

For useful resources, see Technical advice and solutions.

For purchasing compliance certificates, you can access VBA360.

To renew your registration or update your personal details, you can access eToolbox.