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Building fees

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has reset its building practitioner registration fee structure.

From 2 May 2022, individual and corporate registration, annual and renewal fees changed.

The new structure more accurately reflects the costs of regulating Victoria’s building industry. It will allow the VBA to continue to protect consumers and promote the integrity of the building industry through the benefits of registration and greater regulatory oversight.

The changes create a fairer fee structure across all practitioners. Recognising the differences in registration categories, the new fee structure means different increases depending on the type and number of registrations held by a practitioner. These re-balances the fees across practitioners by recognising the value and benefit they gain from the scopes of each category of registration.

Fees differentiate a practitioner based on their business structure, with corporate fees set higher than individual fees. This recognises the higher value gained from a company structure for businesses that can contract with the benefit of limitation of liability and protection of personal assets.

The new structure allows the VBA to continue to help more practitioners continuously improve their skills through our free Practitioner Education Series, technical guidance and resources hub, and support industry to lift standards.

The new structure also allows the VBA to continue to improve processes to reduce the administrative burden on practitioners and address industry preferences for digital channels. For example, improvements to processes will make it easier for practitioners to interact with the VBA when they are applying for or renewing their registration.

Building practitioner fees FAQ

Contacting the VBA about building fees

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