Practitioner Education Series

We are delighted to introduce the Practitioner Education Series made up of a combination of masterclasses and Essential Safety Measures webinars.

This series is aimed at the building industry and will help support the industry by providing practical insights, evidence-based strategies and useful resources.

Available webinars

Wednesday 24 March

Specialist systems: Design, Certification and Inspection

presented by Dr Weng Poh, Principal Fire Safety Engineer, Victorian Building Authority

Following on from the VBAs successful ESM webinar series in 2020, we are excited to introduce Dr Weng Poh, Principal Fire Safety Engineer at the VBA to explore in greater detail the requirements for the construction of fire rated elements in construction.

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Thursday 8 April

Masterclass - Bushfire audit findings

Presented by Mark Cooper, Senior Technical advisor, VBA

As a result of the audit conducted by the VBA of domestic dwellings in bushfire prone areas, we have identified a quality gap in the documentation and assessment of proposed works to construct new dwellings in accordance with AS 3959. This webinar will report the findings of the audit and discuss methods on how all practitioners involved in the design, certification and construction of dwellings in bushfire prone areas can help to eliminate these issues.

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Thursday 22 April

Masterclass - Conflicts of interest during design

Presented by Jeanette Barbaro, Partner at MinterEllison

The Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors came into effect on 1 January 2021. The code specifies requirements conduct related to potential conflicts of interest and clarifying the role of the Relevant Building Surveyor in the development and design of construction works.

As practitioners continue to build their awareness and understanding of the Code and adjust their practice, we’ve heard many of you are seeking clarity on this important issue. Join Jeanette Barbaro as she explores the various requirements, presents practical examples of good practice and answers your questions.

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Monday 17 May

Masterclass - Cladding Safety Victoria update

Presented by Dan O’Brien, CEO, Cladding Safety Victoria

Cladding Safety Victoria continue to make significant progress in their endeavours to support Owners and industry to rectify high risk buildings affected by combustible cladding.

Navigating the complex process of rectification has led to many lessons learnt. This a great opportunity for practitioners to hear from Dan O’Brien and gain valuable insights into Cladding Safety Victoria rectification program operations and the practical application of policy and legislation the guides Victoria’s built environment.

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Thursday 27 May

Masterclass - Site inspections and enforcement

Presented by Bronwyn Weir, Director, Weir Legal and Consulting

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Thursday 17 June

Practical application of maintenance determinations and schedules

Presented by John Cutajar, Senior Technical advisor, VBA

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Thursday 29 July

Masterclass -  Documentation and records management

Presented by Ari Akritidis, Managing Director, Akritidis Group Building Consultants

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