Adjudication activity statistics

ANAs must provide the VBA with information in relation to the activities of the ANA under the SOP Act. The information requested by the VBA may include information regarding the nomination of adjudicators and appointment of review adjudicators, the assessment of the eligibility of persons to be adjudicators, the fees charged by the ANA and the fees charged by adjudicators.

The VBA may publish information in a determination if the information does not identify any person or body referred to in the determination or disclose the address or location of that person or body. In addition, it will only be published if the identity, address or location of any person or body referred to in the determination cannot reasonably be determined from the information.

Annual adjudication activity statistics

This report provides tabulated and graphical representations of adjudication data for the financial year being reported.

Historic adjudication activity statistics

The table in the document below records adjudication data for the period from 1 January 2005. The historic figures are indicative only.