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Approved plumbing products


The WaterMark Certification Scheme (WMCS) is a national mandatory certification scheme. It ensures plumbing materials and products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations.

Under the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA), it is unlawful for plumbing practitioners to install any plumbing and drainage products listed in the PCA (and the technical standards) if the products do not have the appropriate authorisation or certification under the WMCS.

All authorised products must display the WaterMark symbol. If in doubt, you can find all certified materials and products in the WaterMark product database.

If you can’t find the product on the WaterMark database, you should contact the manufacturer and obtain confirmation that the specific product is authorised for use and has been WaterMark certified.

The Australian Building Codes Board is responsible for administering and managing the WMCS scheme. For more information about the scheme, refer to the ABCB's website.

More Information

Gas appliances

For information about certification services for gas appliances and components, visit the Energy Safe Victoria website.

The Gas Technical Regulators Committee has a National Certification database, which includes a list of certified gas appliances and components.

Ban on certain open flued gas space heaters

As of 1 August 2022, open flued gas space heaters (OFGSHs) can no longer be sold or supplied in Victoria unless they meet new safety standards (AS/NZS5263.1.3 and AS/NZS5263.1.8).

The ban by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) under the Gas Safety Act 1997 covers any new or secondhand OFGSH installed after 1 August that does not shut down automatically within 15 minutes if spillage of combustion products occurs under any negative pressure conditions. Combustion products include carbon monoxide, which can leak into living areas and cause serious health issues or death.

The ban on the supply or sale of non-accepted OFGSHs follows a recommendation by the Victorian Coroner that these appliances be phased out.

The Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018 have also been amended to prohibit the installation of these OFGSHs. Gasfitters who install or locate in premises an OFGSH which does not have the above safety features are in breach of the Gas Safety Act 1997.

Substantial penalties apply under the Gas Safety Act 1997 if these banned appliances are sold, supplied or installed.

More detailed information about accepted (certified) OFGSHs that can be sold and installed is on the Gas Technical Regulators Committee website.

For more information see the technical FAQs and consumer FAQs on the Energy Safe Victoria website.

Consumer Affairs Victoria also has advice for people who have recently bought a non-accepted OFGSH or who have an OFGSH installed in their house or rental property.