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Plumbing Audit Program

The VBA conducts risk-based compliance audits and below ground drainage inspections of plumbing work throughout Victoria.

Compliance Auditors conduct on-site audits to sample performed plumbing work based on the lodgement of compliance certificates. The Auditor’s role is to ensure that the plumbing work complies with all relevant plumbing laws and standards.

The compliance certificates to be audited each month are selected using risk-based criteria.

The plumbing audit process

Audits are conducted by registered plumbers appointed by the VBA. All Auditors display identification cards whilst exercising these powers.

If you are a licensed plumber and your certified plumbing work is selected for a risk-based audit, we will contact you. You will need to arrange a suitable time with the property owner or occupier for a risk-based audit to be undertaken.

Risk-based audits are usually carried out between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. They take around 45 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity and size of the plumbing installation.

You must meet the Auditor at an agreed time if you are requested to be on site. You need to bring a copy of the compliance certificate (or certificates) and any other relevant documentation relating to the certified plumbing work. If the plumbing work involves roofing, you may be asked to provide safe access.

If a specific test is required during the audit, such as gas pressure test for the installation of a new gasfitting line, you or a qualified representative will be required to attend the risk-based audit with all relevant testing equipment. You must have the line under test when the Compliance Auditor arrives.

If the plumbing installation is large or complex, you should advise the Scheduling Officer of the type and amount of work completed when coordinating the risk-based audit to ensure enough time is allocated.

The Auditor will conduct audits based on checklists specific to each class of plumbing.

Audit and inspection checklists

What happens if my work does not pass a risk-based plumbing audit?

If the performed plumbing work is identified as being non-compliant, you will be given a rectification notice advising of all work requiring rectification. You will also be selected for another audit, which will generally take place within four weeks.

If time permits, and only at the Compliance Auditor’s discretion, you may be able to rectify the non-compliant plumbing work in the presence of the Compliance Auditor at the time of the audit to prevent a rectification notice being issued. This action will be documented by the Compliance Auditor, who will inform the VBA.

The rectification notice allows 14 days to have the non-compliance rectified and to have it booked for re-audit. If the deadline cannot be achieved due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact us with a request for an extension of time and provide a good reason for that request. The work will be re-audited upon final completion.

If you have concerns about the audit process, you can contact us on 1300 815 127 to speak with a Plumbing Audit Team Leader, or send an email to rectification@vba.vic.gov.au.

If you receive a rectification notice and disagree with the decision of the VBA Compliance Auditor, you may apply to VCAT within five days of the date of issue of the notice to have the decision reviewed.

Email contacts

To enquire about an audit booking, email audits.

To enquire or provide information in relation to a rectification notice, email rectifications.

To cancel a drainage inspection, email drain cancellations.

To request a test prior to drainage inspection, email test prior.

Plumbing Audit Monthly Reports

The Plumbing Audit Monthly Report tracks:

  1. The number of compliance certificates audited against the compliance certificates lodged.
  2. The number of drains inspected against the number of drains offered.
  3. The number of failed audits and inspections, and the top three identified non-compliances.

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