Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANAs)

ANAs are authorised under section 43A of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (SOP Act) to undertake the following functions:

  • Receive adjudication applications from claimants
  • Receive adjudication review applications from claimants or respondents
  • Provide assistance to parties regarding the adjudication process
  • Nominate an adjudicator to decide an adjudication application
  • Serve copies of the adjudication determination or review determination
  • Issue adjudication certificates to claimants upon request.

They may charge fees for the services they provide.

ANAs are required, as a condition of authorisation, to ensure that the adjudicators they nominate meet minimum core competencies and comply with professional standards of conduct.

Finding an ANA

The organisations below have been appointed as Authorised Nominating Authorities under Section 42 of the SOP Act:




Adjudicate Today Pty Limited

Business Address:
Level 27, 101 Collins Street

Postal Address: As above

Telephone: 1300 760 297

Fax: 1300 760 220



Resolution Institute

Business Address:
Compass Office,
Level 10, Tower 4
World Trade Centre
611 Flinders Street

Postal Address:
Level 2, 13–15 Bridge Street

Telephone: 1800 651 650

Fax: 02 9251 3733



Rialto Adjudications Pty Limited

Business Address:
Level 9, 440 Collins Street,

Postal Address: As above

Telephone: 1300 986 440

Fax: 03 8668 1805



RICS Dispute Resolution Service

Business Address:
Ground Floor, 454 Collins Street

Postal Address:
Suite 720
Level 7, 127 Creek Street

Telephone: 1300 953 459

Fax: 1300 953 529



ANA reporting requirements

ANAs are required to maintain records relating to the administration and conduct of adjudication activity.

They must submit annual reports to the VBA containing statistical data related to adjudication applications, including the total number of:

  • adjudication applications received
  • adjudicator nominations
  • adjudication determinations
  • withdrawn/dismissed adjudication applications and
  • adjudication certificates issued.

Authorisation as an ANA

Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANAs) can nominate adjudicators under section 42 of the SOP Act. Before authorising an ANA, the VBA must have regard to Ministerial Guidelines issued pursuant to section 44 of the SOP Act.

Amendments to the SOP Act, which came into effect on 30 March 2007, significantly increased the role of ANAs. Under the amended SOP Act, ANAs are responsible for managing the adjudication process. The ANA must comply with the Act, the Regulations and the Authorised Nominating Authorities Conditions of Authorisation. A breach of any requirement or condition may affect the ANA's authorisation.

Organisations wishing to apply for authorisation as an ANA must complete an Application for authorisation as an Authorised Nominating Authority. Applicants are required to provide detailed information demonstrating procedures and policies to deliver fast, fair, low cost and high quality adjudication services under the SOP Act.

Authorisation is generally for a period of three years

Making a complaint

The Conditions of Authorisation require ANAs to establish a procedure which addresses complaints relating to any process arising out of the SOP Act, including:

  • any conduct by any officer or personnel of the ANA
  • any conduct by an adjudicator nominated by the ANA
  • any other relevant matter concerning the ANA.

The ANA must make any person involved in the adjudication process aware of their complaints procedures. They are required to report to the VBA about any complaints they receive about the ANA or the conduct of any adjudicator arising from the SOP Act.

All ANAs must comply with the Act, the Regulations and the ANA Conditions of Authorisation. A breach of any requirement or condition may affect the authorisation of the ANA.

All complaints regarding the ANA process or any conduct by an adjudicator, officer or personnel of the ANA should first be referred to the ANA.

A person who is not satisfied with the procedure or outcome of a complaint to an ANA may refer their complaint to the VBA in writing.

Fees and costs

Before choosing an ANA claimants may inquire about their fees.

Further information on fees and costs can be found in Fact Sheet No.14Fees and costs.